Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi every one, I am new to this  whole Blogging thing, But I thought I would give it a try! Now I don't have any specific topic I will talk about. I may drift from video-games to politics in the mater of a day. All also share things from my personal life and things I find neat or interesting. So it should always be an interesting read. Just a warning, I am horrible speller and grammar person, so you are bound to find some errors in my writing. Hopefully this will teach me how to write better also.
       Now I am not gonna say who I am only my online handle and other things of the sort. Don't feel safe reviling a lot of things on the net (no offense). Just how I feel.
     Well that was a quick introduction, Keep checking back for more articles and info.


  1. Welcome to the blogging universe! :D

  2. Welcome! Looking forward to your first real post!