Saturday, March 26, 2011

Over Sleeping

Who here over sleeps? Who under sleeps? have no effort to get out of bed?
I know my sleep addiction is horrid. I don't have enough life in me to get up unless I sleep for 12 hours, no mater how long I have been up. It's really bad, and effects so many aspects of my life. Any one else have any sleep disorders? Share, Maybe we can come to a solution! Besides 3 cups of coffee!


                  So here is my first legit post. I honestly didn't know what to write about so I just decided to talk about the latest thing I did in the tech world.
             FooBar2000, whats that you may ask. The name sounds iralvent to what it is, But its a media player! A Great one at that. Most poeple use Windows media player or iTunes. Thier good and every thing. But Foobar is a free open source program that is so custimaziable thier are houndraeds of ways to trick it out. Along with this it has tones of plugins for many other programs like Rain-meter. Or your android phone!
          Another great thing about this program is the low resources it uses on your computer. Not a ram hog at all. Its an all around great program for music. That is just a brief description of it. If you really want to check it out just Google it.
      Here is some pics of mine all customized.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi every one, I am new to this  whole Blogging thing, But I thought I would give it a try! Now I don't have any specific topic I will talk about. I may drift from video-games to politics in the mater of a day. All also share things from my personal life and things I find neat or interesting. So it should always be an interesting read. Just a warning, I am horrible speller and grammar person, so you are bound to find some errors in my writing. Hopefully this will teach me how to write better also.
       Now I am not gonna say who I am only my online handle and other things of the sort. Don't feel safe reviling a lot of things on the net (no offense). Just how I feel.
     Well that was a quick introduction, Keep checking back for more articles and info.