Saturday, March 26, 2011


                  So here is my first legit post. I honestly didn't know what to write about so I just decided to talk about the latest thing I did in the tech world.
             FooBar2000, whats that you may ask. The name sounds iralvent to what it is, But its a media player! A Great one at that. Most poeple use Windows media player or iTunes. Thier good and every thing. But Foobar is a free open source program that is so custimaziable thier are houndraeds of ways to trick it out. Along with this it has tones of plugins for many other programs like Rain-meter. Or your android phone!
          Another great thing about this program is the low resources it uses on your computer. Not a ram hog at all. Its an all around great program for music. That is just a brief description of it. If you really want to check it out just Google it.
      Here is some pics of mine all customized.


  1. For music? Really? Interesting. VLC I use for my movies and T.V.

  2. thats a music player? damn, looks like garageband for PC lol

  3. very cool post.. i'll try it out!

  4. There are plenty of tech blogs around, but this seems pretty good.

  5. If you get a lot of followers you should shout out my youtube channel. :3 nice post though